NFL Wager Simulator  v.2 1

If you would like to bet on NFL games, or are already doing so without any financial gain, you need a mentor to show you the right way to do it. While there will always be a "chance" or "luck" component to placing wagers,

RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer

RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer is a professional grade statistical analysis tool that can be used to validate your particular style of blackjack play. RoyalDoyle Blackjack contains all the main strategies: Basic Strategy, Card Counting Strategy, Wager


Wagerstation  v.

Wagerstation is on the cutting edge of wager tracking, sportsbook account management and reporting.

RoyalDoyle Blackjack  v.3.0

RoyalDoyle Blackjack is an all encompassing, professional grade blackjack application which offers an easy-to-use graphical interface.

BetBug  v.

Now in its second full season, BetBug is downloadable program that allows users to bet directly with each other. We remove the bookie so you get outstandinger value on every bet you make. Wager on a wide array of sports,futures and propositions.

3-2-1 Math Bet! Free  v.

One of the main features allows you to set how many score points you want to risk in each round. Remember that the more points you wager to win the more you can lose!

LinkAssistant Enterprise SEO Tool  v.4.7.2

LinkAssistant is a top-notch SEO tool that helps you wage link building campaigns A to Z. It will get you 1000s of relevant link partners, put links to their sites, create a link directory for YOUR site, email potential partners & verify links.

Pat Sajak's Trivia Gems  v.32.0

This is a great game for the brain. There are 5 pyramid steps to complete to get to the top spot. The questions get harder with each level. The categories are good. This is a very thinky game.

Run for the Roses - Demo  v.1 4

Run for the Roses simulates the experience of a day at the track.

EquiSim ROI  v.

EquiSim is a sophisticated handicapping software program for thoroughbred horse races. It boasts professional caliber handicapping tools, database handicapping capability, statistically proven prediction models, and exceptional ease of use.

IntelliGolf Desktop Edition  v.8 3

Tracks scores, putts, drive lengths and more on your PC. Use IntelliGolf to calculate round averages, graph statistics and approximate your handicap. Evaluate your strengths and isolate areas needing improvement.

IntelliGolf Birdie Edition  v.9 2

NEW - IntelliGolf is the perfect GOLF GIFT for you or someone you know that owns a Palm organizer, Handspring Visor or an IBM WorkPad.

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